In a sector that is constantly changing and with a business that is experiencing perpetual growth, our staff represents precious capital. We aim to provide a balanced, safe and pleasant working environment where our staff can develop, give the best of themselves and where their contribution is recognised and appreciated.

Guidance consisting of a structured induction policy including the establishment of role-based mentoring, stands as a benchmark in the food processing sector. Particular attention is therefore paid to the social skills of training personnel and experienced members of staff.

Insofar as possible, we also seek to get each member of our staff involved in the development of their career so that they are able not only to blossom, but also to perfect their knowledge.

Alongside administrative roles, our industry covers a multitude of occupations such as line worker, quality controller, packaging worker, logistics and forklift truck operator, foreman, I.T. operative, automation technician, electro-mechanical engineer, etc.

The profiles sought are A2 / Baccalaureate / Masters oriented towards:

  • Technical (automation, electro-mechanical engineering, thermal energy)
  • Scientific (biochemistry, bioengineering etc...)
  • Food (hotel and catering etc.)
  • Commercial (management sciences, marketing etc.).


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