After the growing season...

Justin Duvivier & Géric Beaumont

The growing season is probably the most important part of the year, when the fields finally yield their potatoes. But what exactly happens after this period? To find out more, we visited the Duvivier Farm in Mainvault, which have worked with Lutosa for more than 25 years. Justin Duvivier, who recently took over the farm from his father, is happy to share his experience with us.

Of his 296 acres of farmland, 69 go to potatoes, with the rest divided between cereals, corn, beans, sugar beets and grasseslands. Recently, Justin also started growing strawberries and Belgian endive, which appear to have a promising future…


Justin Duvivier & Géric Beaumont

Once the potato harvest is over, Justin reworks the field and subsequently plants wheat, because potatoes happen to be one of the best precursory crop to cereals. In order to maintain the soil quality, he will plant potatoes again only once every four years. Generally, the crop rotation sequence is as follows: potatoes, cereals, beans or beets, grains and then, potatoes! This sequence allows full advantage to be taken of all the nutrients in the soil, and gives them time to be replenished.

It is also important to prepare the field for winter by sowing a green manure (such as mustard). Then, in April you need to apply a base fertilizer and prepare the soil with the tractor.

Justin does not store his potatoes but delivers them straight to Lutosa, because it's easier for him and he likes the chance to meet the staff at our company. He also enjoys working with a people-oriented company that provides for so many and brings jobs to his region.



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