French fries are actually Belgian !

In 1680, the residents of the region of Namur were in the habit of catching small fish from the River Meuse and frying them

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One particularly harsh winter, the river froze over, so they replaced the fish with potatoes cut into the same shape as the fish: the French fry was born!

How can you recognise Belgian French fries? First of all, there’s the potato variety they’re made from, the Bintje, which combines a soft texture with a crispy exterior. And also, the way they’re served, in the traditional and equally famous paper cone.

For the 2017-2018 season, Belgium has had a record harvest of 5.11 million tonnes of potatoes. This figure is the result of increased cultivation areas, the choice for specific varieties and favourable weather conditions. Belgium remains the number 1 exporter of frozen potatoes (2.2 million tonnes in 2017), ahead of the Netherlands.

(Belgapom 16/03/18)

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