Viva l'Italia!

The Lutosa Italia subsidiary was founded 10 years ago. It was a good opportunity to review the situation with Daniele Pavesi, Managing Director of the Italian subsidiary.

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Daniele, can you tell us what makes Lutosa so successful in the country of pasta and pizza?

First and foremost, we have been selling flakes to renowned producers of gnocchi for over 35 years. The Gemma family, our historical partner, has played a leading role in the approach to these industrial customers that require a higher quality. Secondly, in the catering sector, we cooperate with more than 120 dealers, monitored by our Key Account Manager, Iolanda Valenti and, in Central and Southern Italy, by our Representatives, who are responsible for enabling the brand to flourish in their regions. Italy is a very diversified country and each region has its demands. In Sicily, for example, you cannot get away from the famous chicken and chips on Sunday, whereas in Tuscany, Patate al Rosmarino is their favourite dish and in Lombardy, they are partial to Veggie Burgers. Not to mention the coastal regions which are overwhelmed by tourists in summer

What do food service customers demand in particular?

A French fry of consistently good quality, with a good potato taste, and crispness above all. Italians are really sophisticated gourmands and you cannot disappoint them under any circumstances.

What are the strengths of your team composed mostly of women?

Our subsidiary has 10 years experience. We are all of Italian origin but with a great passion for Belgium and its potatoes. Iolanda, our Key Account Manager, began her career at Lutosa in Leuze. Both our knowledge of the market (I have worked in the agri-food industry all my life) and our local approach are the factors that make a difference every single day. The good results achieved were possible also thanks to Francesca, who followed us when the subsidiary moved from Cesena to Milan in 2011 and who has now gone back home and Alessandra, our Export Manager, who has moved to Belgium. Today, our customers can rely on a wonderful team composed of Iolanda, Laura, Chiara and Antonio.

Arent you too disappointed that Italy is not represented at this World Cup?

All Italian men and women are really disappointed, but I have no doubt about which team we are going to support: Belgium, of course!


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