What comes to mind when you hear people say Lutosa?

That was the question that was asked in all the departments of our organisation. The aim was to formalise our companys values.

After a long process of exchanging experience, we highlighted 5 main values that are part of our DNA and connect us to each other.

lutosa values organisation company values DNA openess to the world commitment family spirit professionalism caring outward-looking partners best potato products belgium

Family spirit, Respect, Professionalism, Commitment and an Outward-looking attitude.

These are the values underpinning the growth and development of the company and contributing to what we are today. These values guide our strategic decisions, dictate our behaviour and determine the way in which we successfully carry out the task we have set ourselves:

Together with our local partners, we are expanding our business throughout the world
by offering the best potato products from Belgium


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