A mix of varieties to suit different needs

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While the Fontane potato, one the most cultivated varieties in Belgium, is preferred for the production of our French fries, the Bintje remains the favourite for our tasty mashed potatoes and mashed potato specialties, as well for grating to make our röstis. Aside from its high yield and excellent processing qualities, it has exceptional flavour characteristics. Its attractive yellow flesh, rounded oval shape and fairly large average size also lend themselves perfectly to the production of Belgian French fries, the pride and joy of our company.

Early potatoes like Première, Fresco and Anosta, allow us to meet our needs for potatoes during the period from 15th July to the Bintje harvest, around 15th-20th September. The Agria variety is used for our organic range. Depending on our customers’ expectations, the Felsina, Fontane, Astérix, Markies and Innovator varieties are also used to produce our french fries.

farmes belgium yield potato varieties organic range felsina fontane asterix markies innovator agria anosta fresco processing lutosa

Each year, we test new varieties suitable for  new applications taking account of consumer reaction vis-à-vis the taste factor, response to cooking, colour and agronomic response (performance during the growing period, vulnerability to mildew and to viruses, response to long-term storage and, of course, yield for the farmer).


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