Coated Ultra Crunchy 18-18mm Skin-on

Discover the future of fries with our Ultra Coated Skin-on Chips, the first product of our new range UltraCrunchy! Complete with rich, flavorful potato skins, each chip delivers a rustic taste that perfectly complements any pub fare. Inside, a melting potato heart awaits, offering a delicious contrast to the crunchy exterior.

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Lutosa preparation info fryer Fryer
Lutosa preparation info oven Oven


Potatoes (93%), sunflower oil, rice flour, modified potato starch, maize flour, maize starch,
salt, potato dextrin, raising agents E450i-E500ii, thickener E415

Lutosa nutrition info Sunflower oil
Lutosa nutrition info Gluten free
Lutosa nutrition info Vegetarian
Lutosa nutrition info Vegan


Until the BBD (-18°C)

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