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Lutosa was first established by the Van den Broeke family; and has over 40 years of history and expertise in the potato sector. Although the company has grown internationally, Lutosa has always preserved its family character.
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Our mission
and values

We want to share the delights of the potato in all its forms worldwide. And to achieve this, we can build on the values we uphold: professionalism, commitment, respect, family spirit and openness to the world. Our presence in 150 countries allows us to develop tailor-made solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of our customers and their markets.

Family spirit



Openness to the world


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Based on respect and proximity, our agronomy policy is rooted in a strong partnership with our supplier-farmers. We buy up to 70% of our potato supplies in Belgium, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint. We mainly work with farmers situated within a small radius of our two production sites.

Our agronomic experts carefully choose the varieties that best suit the specific characteristics of each of our products. The main selection criteria include taste, cooking properties, colouring and agronomic behaviour. Moreover, each year we test new varieties for possible future applications.

Lutosa is also very conscious of the importance of the environment, and for several years, the company has been engaged in a strategy aimed at supporting its partner producers towards more sustainable agricultural practices (soil protection, optimal use of water and protection of biodiversity).

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An integrated process from A to Z

With our two, fully integrated production sites, we cover every stage of the potato transformation process.

We do this by matching performance with the strictest hygiene and quality standards. The production lines are multifunctional and offer the flexibility to adapt our process to the specificities of our product range (colouring, coating, peeling, type of oil, etc.).

The word “waste” is not part of our vocabulary when it comes to transforming our potatoes into delicious products. Every link in the production chain uses potatoes to the fullest, while also recycling or reusing anything that is not used (skins, peelings, starch, etc.).

Each site is equipped with its own water treatment plant to purify the production water. Our anaerobic installation generates biogas, which covers 5% of the energy demands of our own infrastructure.

Last but not least, our expertise stretches to the storage of the finished products. Two 12-storey freezers (CIMAT) keep our products at a constant temperature of -21°C. They are fully automated and computer-controlled, thereby guaranteeing total control of the cold chain and compliance with the FIFO (First In First Out) principle.

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High quality work...

From field to plate, there is not a single stage of processing that does not involve strict control of the quality of our products and respect for food safety. In parallel, internal and external audits are carried out annually to ensure that our numerous certifications are renewed: IFS (International Food Standard), BRC (British Retail Consortium), BIO, Halal, Kosher, FCA (Feed Chain Alliance), Self-Control Guide (G-014), SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), ISO 50001 (energy management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).

We also follow other quality programmes such as HACCP to prevent the risk of product contamination.

... in complete safety

The health and safety of the Lutosa employees and our partners are our top priority.

Lutosa has an efficient prevention policy and is committed to identifying, assessing, and eliminating risks to ensure proper hazard management. Each year we invest a substantial proportion of our profits in this area, as well as in the elimination of risks and the improvement of workstation ergonomics.

We train everyone to work safely and promote a culture and a state of mind in favour of knowledge and respect for safety instructions.

Through our continuous improvement approach, safety in the workplace is a top priority that is reflected in our daily work. This commitment is enshrined in our charter.

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