Gratin Dauphinois (min 4% cream)

The classic of the gratin family made with sliced potatoes, cream, Emmental cheese and seasoned to perfection.

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Lutosa preparation info fryer Not suitable for fryer
Lutosa preparation info oven Oven
Lutosa preparation info Oven with overhead grill
Lutosa preparation info Microwave


Potato slices (min.55%), water, cream [cream,whole milk powder, emulsifierE471, stabilisersE407-E412-E466-E508] (min.4%), palm oil, sunflower oil, cheese [dryed cheese(96%), emulsifying salt E339-E331(4%)] (min.2%), lactose, milk proteins, skimmed milk powder, modified potato and corn starches, salt, garlic, dextrose, spice extract.

Lutosa nutrition info Gluten free
Lutosa nutrition info Vegetarian


Until the BBD (-18°C)

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