The new Coated Skinny fries skin-off

Article skinny productshot - La nouvelle Coated Skinny sans peau

The new “Coated Skinny Skin-off” is a new extra-fine fry to discover right away!

Pre-fried in sunflower oil and elaborated for deep frying, this “skinless” alternative to our extra thin fry also has gluten free starch coating that will provide an extra crunchy tasting experience.

As a side dish to a delicious restaurant meal or in a takeaway container, this new “Coated Skinny Skin-off” will add the perfect touch of crispness to all your dishes.

This new product is the latest addition to our “X-tra Crispy” range, which now boasts more than a dozen different products that are particularly well-suited to take-away or delivery sales. The coating on these products gives them a very crispy texture and ensures that they stay hot for longer. From traditional Belgian fries to extra-long Premium fries, this range has everything it needs to meet the current and future expectations of restaurateurs around the world.

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