Non-frozen products from our “Chilled” range

Our “Chilled” range: delicious, time-saving fresh fries in all sizes!

You’d like to serve fries that look and taste just like home-made ones… But let’s face it; you don’t have enough time on your hands to peel and cut up potatoes yourself.

Our fresh fries are ready in a matter of minutes in the fryer or in the oven, and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your customers’ faces!

Our versatile range of fresh fries is the perfect solution for you:

  • Thin cut
  • Thick cut
  • Rough cut
  • With skins
  • Without skins

All the products in this range are pre-fried in (100%) sunflower oil. They are also gluten and allergen-free*.

Authentic Belgian fries – with or without skin

Among the products available in this range, you will find authentic chilled Belgian fries. The uneven cut of these fries is comparable to hand-cut, home-made fries.

They are made using carefully selected potatoes that meet specific criteria and are distinctive for their smooth consistency on the inside, their crispness on the outside, and their golden colour. Choose between the traditional skin-off or the scrumptious chilled Belgian fries skin-on. The skin heightens the natural flavour of the product and adds to the richness of the potato’s deliciousness. Both of these options are the perfect side dish for your menu, be it a burger, a traditional dish, or a prime cut of meat.

Traditional cuts

From the potato harvested in the field to today’s product, these classic cut fries 10/10 mm remain a staple in our range…and have been for half a century. They will perfectly complement your menus in terms of quality and taste.

“Steak” fries

With their bigger cut and soft texture inside, these chilled steak fries 10/18 mm are just the right side dish for your meals. Easy to use in any recipe, they will win over every passionate potato lover. And just like the rest of our range, they’re perfect in a cone!

Our wide fresh product range offers the ideal solution for all your needs. What do these products have in common? They were all produced to help you (re)discover the wonders of the potato in all its forms. And you can be assured that we carefully select the best potato variety for each product.

This new “Chilled Choice” brochure is the latest addition to our “Tapas Culture”, “Premium Solutions”, “Veggie Inspiration” and “Breakfast Time” series of publications… and will hopefully inspire you.

*14 EU allergens – See EU regulation No FIC1169/2011. By definition, allergen-free products are also gluten-free.

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