Would you like to put together a Tapas platter using our range of products?

Lutosa provides you with some inspiration and fantastic ideas for your Tapas!

Can you smell that yummy aroma of Tapas? All the spices and herbs! The joy of cooking and the pleasure of sharing!

We have compiled these delicious ideas and moments in our “Tapas Culture” brochure. Here are some recipes for Tapas made from our Lutosa products. The recipes are easy, fast, and affordable.

  • Cheesy Loaded Fries
  • Potato Tortilla
  • Potato Nuggets with Cheddar
  • Inspiration from other Lutosa products

Discover how to liven up Cajun Fries, Mini Roast Potatoes, or Noisettes for a striking Tapas platter served as an aperitif or as a full meal!

These products add a nice touch of regional food culture, which is familiar and accessible to a wide audience. Some of the products are fiery, some are sweeter, some are milder and subtler. In all cases, there is something to satisfy everyone’s palate.

With Lutosa’s Tapas range, we cater to all your needs thanks to our extensive range of products. What do they all share? They were all designed to introduce you to the delights of the potato in all its forms. We carefully select the best potato variety for each product.

This new “Tapas Culture” brochure complements our existing “Premium Time”, “Veggie Inspiration”, “Breakfast Time” and “Chilled Choice” series.

This new folder is intended to inspire you.

Discover additional recipe ideas for your next Tapas dinner in our brochure.

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