A new flake factory in Leuze

On Thursday, November 3, 2022, we officially inaugurated our new Flocons factory in Leuze in the presence of the press, political representatives, local partners as well as Max Koeune, President & CEO McCain Global.

3nov2022 lutosa new flakes workshop cutting the ribbon scaled - A new flake factory in Leuze

A new investment of 45 million euros!

During the press conference, Max Koeune spoke about the importance of Lutosa within McCain’s organization and the 300 million euros of investments made in Lutosa since the acquisition in 2013.

Our new flake factory alone represents an investment of 45 million euros and responds to a growing demand for dehydrated products, a segment in which Lutosa has specialized for more than 30 years.

As a reminder, dehydrated potato flakes are mainly used in the manufacture of snacks (chips), gnocchi, potato specialties or even in soups. They currently represent 5% of the market. This percentage will grow in the years to come.

Alain Duranleau, Managing Director of Lutosa, insisted on the values of the company (Professionalism – Commitment – Openness to the world – Respect and Family Spirit) and on the strategy deployed to promote the brand throughout the world.

Our new production tool dedicated to the manufacture of flakes allows us to considerably improve the working conditions of our employees who work there. Reduction of manual tasks, improvement of ergonomics, control of air treatment, heat and humidity are all aspects that our engineers paid attention to throughout the project.

600,000 tons of finished products annually

At the commercial level, our new flake factory will allow us to better satisfy our customers thanks to a wider range of products, whose lifespan has been extended and this, with constant quality. A point of attention has been placed on improving the packaging of our products and reducing the use of additives. This new production tool is an integral part of Lutosa’s growth strategy and allows us to increase our capacity to 600,000T of finished products per year. This is once again a factory fully integrated into our site and equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies.

3nov2022 lutosa new flakes workshop conditioning scaled - A new flake factory in Leuze

We are happy and proud of this new tool, which will allow Lutosa to continue to delight its customers and consumers around the world.

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In line with our “Pledge to the world” commitment

Particular attention was paid to improving our environmental impact: 10% of this investment was devoted to improving our energy efficiency by 15% and reducing our water consumption by 40%.

This project is fully in line with Lutosa’s CSR strategy “Pledge to the World”.

Lutosa has also thought of its residents by building this workshop in which everything has been thought out to reduce the noise and olfactory impact of our activities.

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