Eating veggie, much more than a trend…

Want to reduce your meat consumption? To actively support the animal cause? Or reduce your ecological footprint? So let yourself be tempted by the “Veganuary”! The Veganuary (contraction of the words “vegan” and “January”), what is it?

It is a challenge born in Great Britain which consists, among other things, of encouraging the population to consume a vegan diet throughout the month of January. This creates curiosity among people about this way of life because it is not only about food products but also all non-food products such as banishing fur or leather jackets, for example.

Adopting a veggie or vegan diet is of course not only a challenge but a lifestyle that satisfies more and more consumers. Among the motivations that lead to eating less meat, we find in particular health. Many studies affirm a causal link between animal protein and the risk of cardiovascular disease. As stated above, the animal cause remains the main reason behind the increase in “veggie” food. Despite this growing trend, global meat production continues to grow.

Veggieburger carpaccio hr scaled - Carpaccio of tomato, Lutosa veggie burger Italian style

The rise of the veggie diet has prompted major industries to adapt to new consumer habits. That is why today we can easily find meat substitutes in our supermarkets and restaurants. We find them in all forms, sometimes made to reproduce the texture of meat with vegetable proteins such as “beyond meat”. Or simply vegetable steaks like the Veggie Burger that you find in the Lutosa range, made from potatoes and vegetables, it will be the perfect alternative to your meat steaks. This product delights many consumers who want to reduce their consumption of animal protein. Want to discover the rest of the range? Go to the site in the “Our products” category and you will discover our Fries, our Croquettes, our Wedges, our Hash Browns, and much more…

Lutosa helps you adopt a new lifestyle by offering quality vegetarian potato products. Rich in nutrients, the potato provides you with the necessary source of energy thanks to the amino acids and proteins that compose it. In addition, the process of transforming the potato into fries or any other product does not damage its supply of vitamin C – an essential vitamin for vegetarians which helps the body to better absorb the iron contained in food.

Sometimes synonymous with tasteless food for some meat-loving consumers, the veggie trend has extinguished these rumors by settling in starred restaurants. Indeed, we are discovering more and more gourmet restaurants that offer vegetarian or even vegan menus. Daniel Humm, a renowned Swiss chef, is opening a restaurant offering a 100% vegan menu in New York. Michelin gives it 3 stars, so we can say that it is a great success!

The veggie diet is therefore much more than a trend, it is a new consumption habit that has appeared on our plates. Present for a few years, it is still at the heart of the debates concerning food with its positive and negative aspects. Whether you are a flexitarian, carnivore or vegetarian, we are waiting for you throughout January to take up the Veganuary challenge which, for sure, will delight your taste buds!

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