Lutosa Chilled Fries, a look back at the success story

Chilled fries, those crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside delights, have been a staple in our kitchen for generations. In this article, we invite you to explore the world of chilled fries by revealing their history, their manufacturing process, and highlighting the people who help make them so delicious. To do this, we had the opportunity to discuss with Yves Legrand (European Sales Director and Logistics Chilled), Dimitri Tieberghien (Business Unit Manager) and Jan De Coninck (Production Manager). Together, let’s go behind the scenes of these fries for an enriching gourmet experience.

The Birth of Chilled Fries: An Exciting Evolution

According to Yves Legrand, Chilled European Sales and Logistics Director, the introduction of chilled fries to the market in 1998 was a pivotal moment for Lutosa. He explains that “the idea of offering chilled fries was born from the growing demand from consumers looking for a more authentic and fresh option.” This decision was a true innovation for Lutosa, highlighting authentic taste and exceptional texture.
The launch of this product was the result of careful consideration and rapid responses to changing consumer needs. Yves Legrand recalls that “it was a decisive moment when the growing demand for more authenticity and freshness was taken into account, thus propelling chilled fries to the forefront.” This demonstrates the company’s ability to seize opportunities and adapt to changing consumer preferences.

The Art of the Manufacturing Process: Tradition and Quality

The creation of chilled fries is based on a subtle blend of tradition and technology. It all starts with the careful selection of potatoes, as Dimitri Tieberghien, Business Unit Manager at Lutosa explains. Each variety is carefully chosen to guarantee optimal quality, thus laying the foundations for this taste adventure. Jan De Coninck, Production Manager, highlights the innovative cooling process which preserves the freshness of fries at temperatures between 0°C and 4°C. Clever adjustments in packaging, such as the addition of natural gas, keep quality at its peak.
Quality and food safety are at the heart of the production of chilled fries. Dimitri Tieberghien highlights the strict measures put in place to ensure the fries remain gluten and allergen free, providing peace of mind to consumers. The exclusive use of sunflower oil, in addition to improving flavor, addresses environmental and health concerns.

Diversity of Flavors and Authenticity

What makes the “Chilled” range special are the different cuts offered. Yves Legrand emphasizes that “these specific cuts offer a variety of options, from very crunchy to melting, creating a symphony of flavors and textures to satisfy all palates.” The cut of Belgian Fries, reminiscent of hand-cut fries, adds an authentic touch to chilled fries, making each bite unique.
The authentic flavor of chilled fries lies in the fact that they are not frozen. According to Jan De Coninck, it is this process that makes the difference: “Chilled fries preserve their original taste, unlike frozen ones. Fries with their skin on add a rustic touch, recalling the natural, fresh taste of ingredients.”

Commercial advice: growing popularity

Yves Legrand, as Sales Director Europe and Logistics Chilled, shares a unique perspective on the popularity of chilled fries: “It is not just a product, but a taste experience that transcends borders. The unrivaled quality and authentic taste have won the hearts of consumers around the world.”

Chilled fries, the result of an exciting evolution, are much more than a simple treat. This perfect balance between tradition and technology creates a unique culinary experience. From the careful selection of potatoes to the variety of cuts, every aspect is carried out with care and expertise. Thanks to the insightful testimonies of Dimitri Tieberghien, Jan De Coninck and Yves Legrand, we were able to reveal the secrets of creating these crispy fries. Chilled fries embody the authenticity, quality and delicious taste that are at the heart of quality cooking.

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