Lutosa, a new era under the direction of Alain Dufait

Lutosa, a renowned company in the field of potato processing, recently welcomed a new CEO, Alain Dufait. In an exclusive interview, Mr. Dufait shares his first impressions and the assets that make this company shine.

A meeting with Alain Dufait

Alain Dufait, the new CEO of Lutosa, tells us about his career and what pushed him to join this dynamic family business. “My name is Alain Dufait, I am 51 years old, I am proud to be the father of 2 daughters aged 20 and 23, and I live in a small village between Antwerp and Brussels,” he declares. Alain Dufait, a bioengineer by training specializing in industrial microbiology and food technologies, began his career at Cargill, where he rose through the ranks, ultimately becoming European Managing Director. He emphasizes the importance of in-depth customer knowledge for business success.

Alain Dufait - Lutosa, une nouvelle ère sous la direction d'Alain Dufait

Alain Dufait

New CEO chez Lutosa

Alain Dufait started at Cargill.
In 1995, he became Assistant Production Manager.
In 2005, his responsabilities were extended to Operations Manager Malt Europe.
And in 2016, he became Managing Director.
Finally since March 2023, he is the new CEO at Lutosa.

Seduction of the Lutosa/McCain Project

Alain Dufait explains what attracted him to Lutosa/McCain : “A lot of things! Lutosa is a clean, honest, family business, with values very close to mine. The markets are growing strongly, with a desire to grow and develop new markets. Lutosa is a company with great potential among its staff. There are so many achievements that staff can be proud of. We must rediscover this pride and seize the many opportunities that present themselves.“

World - Lutosa around the world!

First Impressions and Challenges

“Respect. Everyone has respect for everyone”, says Mr. Dufait of his first impressions at Lutosa. He acknowledges that the company has undergone significant changes in recent years, but that it took a lot of energy. He is aware of the need to free up energy for the next steps, as the market evolves rapidly around them. He emphasizes the need to grow and believe in that growth, describing the process as “accelerated evolution”.

Alain Dufait identifies several major assets of Lutosa:

  • A loyal investor: As part of the McCain group, Lutosa benefits from solid financial support.
  • Potato expertise: Lutosa is close to the region’s potatoes, which are very competitive on a global scale. The company has extensive knowledge of potatoes and can use 99% of the raw material.
  • Decision-making agility: As a dynamic company, Lutosa is able to make decisions quickly.
  • Strong partnerships: Lutosa works with in partnership with upstream farmers and downstream distributors, which strengthens its position in the market.
  • A strong brand: The Lutosa brand is recognized for its high level of service and quality.

A bright future for Lutosa

Alain Dufait concludes by paying tribute to his predecessor, Alain Duranleau, for his achievements over the past five years. He expresses his gratitude for the warm welcome he received from Lutosa and McCain. He ends by saying: “I really have a lot of energy, passion and a desire to work with the team to prepare Lutosa for a bright future.”
Lutosa, une nouvelle ère sous la direction d'Alain Dufait

The future of Lutosa looks promising under the leadership of Alain Dufait, with a clear vision, solid assets and a determination to meet the challenges ahead.

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