Coated fries for foodservice

For catering firms that need high-quality coated fries for foodservice

For catering firms seeking top-tier coated fries for foodservice, our diverse range offers a myriad of advantages. Whether it’s for a bustling takeaway or a high-end restaurant chain, our selection ensures consistently crispy chips with a variety of coatings and flavors to suit every need.

Multiple options with coated fries for foodservice caterers of all types

A plethora of choices awaits foodservice caterers of all kinds with our coated fries selection. Whether you prefer chunky pub chips, skinny fries, or hand-cut Belgian-style chips, our range seamlessly integrates into your menu, promising enhanced customer satisfaction. With a crispy texture, even coating, and prolonged warmth on the plate, our chips elevate every dining experience.

Lutosa UK/Ireland

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