Coated fries for foodservice wholesalers

Coated fries for foodservice wholesalers

For foodservice wholesalers catering to the catering industry, our coated fries are a perfect addition to your product lineup. Supplied in sealed, frozen catering packs, they’re ready to use whenever needed. The unique coatings we apply to our fries help retain heat, making them an excellent choice for takeaway or home delivery services. Additionally, they maintain their crispiness, ensuring satisfaction for dine-in customers as well. Whether for on-the-go meals or in-house dining, our coated fries deliver consistent quality every time.

Business Opportunities for Suppliers of Coated Fries For Foodservice

Suppliers of coated fries for foodservice can tap into lucrative business opportunities by partnering with Lutosa. As a direct distributor, we offer wholesale businesses access to our high-quality coated fries tailored for foodservice operations. Discover how stocking our products can enhance your long-term commercial prospects
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