Coated fries for restaurant

Wholesale coated fries for restaurant and catering customers

Explore our range of exceptionally crispy wholesale coated fries for restaurant and catering customers at Lutosa. Whether you supply coated fries directly to restaurants or manage a wholesale operation with various frozen chip varieties, our products are perfect for catering clients seeking top-quality chips. With superior crispiness and extended warmth, our coated fries are sure to satisfy discerning diners and contribute to your business’s success.

Stock frozen coated fries for the restaurant trade

Ensure your restaurant trade is fully stocked with our range of frozen coated fries. From hand-cut chips to skinny fries and pub-style extra thick-cut chips, our selection caters to every type of customer you serve. With Lutosa’s extensive experience in catering wholesale and expertise in frozen coated fries, you can trust in our quality and reliability.
Coated fries & uc skin on beefsteak vertical hr - Professional coated fries

Lutosa UK/Ireland

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