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Discover everything you need to know about coated fries for foodservice businesses, from catering operations to foodservice suppliers. Lutosa offers expertise in a wide range of foodstuffs tailored to the foodservice industry. Explore commonly asked questions about coated fries, from mobile catering to gastropubs, hotels, and restaurants.

What are coated fries for foodservice?

In the realm of the foodservice industry, “coated fries” encompasses various products with different coatings offered in diverse quantities and types.

At Lutosa, we define coated fries for foodservice as potato chips coated with a thin, nearly invisible layer of potato and/or tapioca starch on the outside. Some variations may include raising agents or rice flour, depending on the product. Regardless of the ingredients, our coated fries deliver a crispy outer layer and a satisfying texture when cooked, whether pronged onto a fork or bitten into. 

Our X-traCrispy and Crispy Salted processes ensure extended crispiness, making them ideal for foodservice businesses with potential delays between preparation and consumption, such as takeaway outlets.

Crispysalted rustic fries on slate - Salted Coated Rustic Fries 14/14 mm

Did you know that?

All Lutosa coating - whether flavoured or not - are gluen-free, i.e. they do not contain wheat or derivatives of wheat. This makes them well-suited for people who suffer from celiac disease and for those who prefer to stick to a gluten-free diet.


How do coated fries for foodservices businesses differ from other fries?

Our coated fries for foodservice have been tailor-made to meet the demands of catering operations. Available in convenient frozen catering packs, these fries are designed for wholesalers to stock and caterers to order as per their commercial needs. Whether using a full pack or just a portion, the coating remains intact even after opening, ensuring consistent quality. Unlike consumer-grade coated fries, ours boast a higher-quality coating that not only enhances crispiness but also extends the life of catering fryer oil.

Can coated fries for foodservice firms in the UK be marketed as chips?

Yes, coated fries for foodservice firms in the UK can indeed be marketed as chips. While terms like ‘coated chips’ and ‘coated fries’ are often used interchangeably, it’s important to clarify that in the UK, these are essentially what consumers refer to as chips, not crisps. Whether they’re crinkle-cut, chunky pub-style, skinny fries, classic cut, or Belgian hand-cut style, they all fall under the category of potato chips. The distinguishing feature of our coated fries for foodservice firms is the additional outer coating of potato or tapioca starch, enhancing their appeal, taste, and longevity on the plate compared to regular chips.

What sizes do coated fries for foodservice come supplied in?

Coated fries for foodservice come in a variety of sizes to suit different preferences and needs. At Lutosa, we offer a range of options, starting with our coated skinny fries and coated thin-cut fries. The coated skinny fries are square-shaped and measure 5.5 by 5.5 mm, while the thin-cut fries are slightly wider at 7 mm square. Moving up in size, our coated classic cut fries, available with or without skin, measure 10 mm square. For those who prefer thicker fries, we offer extra thick pub chips measuring 18 by 18 mm. Additionally, there are options in 12 mm and 14 mm sizes, along with hand-cut coated fries that vary slightly in size but always guarantee exceptional quality and extra crispiness.
9 9saltedcoatedvegetablesglas hr - Professional coated fries

What are the benefits of coated fries for foodservice companies?

Coated fries for foodservice companies offer several benefits that enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Unlike standard chips, the crispy outer layer of coated fries ensures a consistently remarkable dining experience with every bite. Traditional chips can quickly become soggy, especially when paired with condiments like ketchup or vinegar, leading to a less appealing texture. In contrast, coated fries retain their crispiness for longer periods, even when served with dips or sauces. They also retain heat better, reducing the risk of orders cooling before reaching customers. This extended crispiness and heat retention result in higher customer satisfaction and increased repeat business for wholesalers and foodservice establishments alike. Additionally, coated fries are easy to prepare and generate minimal waste, contributing to smoother operations and a growing reputation for serving high-quality fries.

Are salted coated fries for foodservice businesses useful?

Yes, salted coated fries for foodservice businesses are highly useful. Our range includes pre-salted and salted coated chips, such as our salted coated rustic fries, thin-cut, and classic-cut options. These fries are coated with a starch blend and salt, offering versatility for fryer and oven preparation. Pre-salting saves time for foodservice operations, ensuring convenience without compromising on taste or quality. Whether you prefer pre-salted fries or adding salt during preparation, our selection caters to various business needs, making them an invaluable addition to any foodservice establishment.
Belgianfriesskinon shrimpcroquettes hr - Professional coated fries

What makes Lutosa’s coated fries for foodservice distinctive?

Lutosa’s coated fries for foodservice stand out for several reasons. Firstly, they cater to specific dietary preferences, being gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly. Our fries boast a delightful contrast of fluffy interiors and an X-tra Crispy coating exterior, ensuring a satisfying texture with every bite. Designed for use in automatic fryers, including those with advanced heat and time compensation technology, our products offer extended holding times and maximize yields. Additionally, many of our coated fries are pre-fried in segregated sustainable palm oil, facilitating quick preparation without compromising on quality control.

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