Professional coated fries 

Professional coated fries:
production, guidance and benefits

At Lutosa, our professional coated fries are made at our main production facilities with just the same care and attention as all of our other potato-based lines, including our chilled fries, our cut potatoes and our mashed potato products. Serving customers all over the world, our professionally produced coated fries offer significant commercial advantages. Read on to find out more about the production methods used for our professional coated fries, advice concerning their deployment in the catering sector and the benefits our brand of coated fries afford wholesalers, take-away owners and restaurateurs alike.

What are professional coated fries?

To begin with, it will be helpful to define what professional coated fries actually are.

At Lutosa, our professional coatings are applied to our frozen ranges of fries only. During the production process, our high-quality potatoes are cleaned and peeled before being chopped into the desired size. We offer hand-cut style and numerous other options for different sorts of fries, including crinkle-cut chips. When professional coatings are applied to our fries, each individual chip will be covered in a gluten-free layer of starch in just the right quantities.

All of our X-traCrispy, Crispy Salted and Crispy Flavoured ranges have this professional coating applied to them. After processing, each batch is packaged to ensure that the coated fries will reach our wholesalers and commercial customers in mint condition ready for resale to consumers and ready for cooking.

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Did you know that?

All Lutosa coating - whether flavoured or not - are gluen-free, i.e. they do not contain wheat or derivatives of wheat. This makes them well-suited for people who suffer from celiac disease and for those who prefer to stick to a gluten-free diet.


What are our professional coated fries coated with?

The exact recipe for each of our coatings differs. However, all our coatings follow the same logic: a functional base made up of various starches and flours (modified potato starch, tapioca starch, rice flour, maize flour, etc.) as well as leavening and thickening agents for crispness and stability, and an aromatic base (salt only for Clear Coat, various spices for Flavoured Coating). You can find out more about our coatings on our website – just go to the product page for each type of crisp. For more information on our entire product range, you can also download a product catalogue or leaflet containing an overview of each of our product ranges.

What makes professional coated fries so crispy?

The additional layer of starch that is used to coat each of our fries is the key ingredient that makes our fries crispier than non-coated products. When cooked, the outer layer of starches hardens meaning that they tend to insulate the potato inside each chip. Consequently, consumers will notice that their fries are not just crispier thanks to the cooked starches that form the exterior coating but that they remain hotter for longer, as well. This is particularly handy among take-away businesses or restaurants which may not always be able to serve food immediately after it has been prepared since the fries will still arrive with the customer in perfect condition ready for consumption: hot and with a satisfying level of crispiness.

Which professional coated fries are suited to the catering trade?

Hotels, restaurants and catering professionals can benefit from stocking any of our professional coated fries. Indeed, all of our products in this range are suited to vegan and vegetarian establishments . The strong ripples of our crinkle-cut fries, part of our X-tra Crispy fries range, are suited to adults’ and children’s menus alike. We also have skin-on and skinless hand-cut style Belgian fries with our professionally added crispy coatings. For pubs and restaurants looking for thicker-cut chips, we have 14/14 mm professional coated fries or extra-thick coated pub chips, not to mention our popular skinny coated fries which are cut to widths of just 5.5 mm. Note that catering businesses can obtain our fries from our dedicated distribution network or directly, as preferred.
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Which types of professional coated fries should wholesalers stock?

Wholesalers which serve professional catering firms, pubs and restaurants should consider stocking all of our professional coated fries to maximise their customer offering. Certainly, stocking both coated fries and salted coated fries would be a smart move since many commercial customers have a requirement for one or the other type of product these days, depending on whether or not it is their policy to add their own salt before serving.


What are the commercial advantages of professionally coated fries?

Note that all of our X-tra Crispy fries don’t only provide additional crispiness but also keep chips warm for longer, a big plus point in busy kitchens when dishes might not be complete and ready to be taken to the table immediately while other parts of the order are still being prepared. In numerous markets, consumers associate crispier fries with superior quality standards. This is certainly the case among take-away food outlets and delivery catering businesses when wrapping non-coated chips can lead to them arriving with consumers in a soggy and lukewarm state. Please bear in mind that all of our potatoes and the coating recipes that are applied to them are gluten-free and suitable for vegan and vegetarian consumers.

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What makes our professional coated fries stand out?

At Lutosa, we have decades of experience in potato-based products, including making professional coated fries for the catering industry. We work closely with wholesale distributors, direct clients and others to ensure that impeccable quality standards are maintained throughout all of our production processes. Perhaps more importantly, we produce professionally coated fries in all shapes and sizes to serve all market niches, from cafés and roadside diners to pubs and high-end restaurants. For delicious coatings that add crispiness, provide greater product warmth retention and a pleasing texture throughout, Lutosa’s professional coated fries are second to none.

Are any professionally coated fries also salted?

Yes, they are. At Lutosa, we produce both salted and non-salted product lines among our professional coated fries. Our X-tra Crispy and Crispy Flavoured fries contain a bit of salt while our Crispy Salted range is pre-salted. You can easily filter from our product page on our website to find coated fries in either category or both, as you prefer. Thin-cut, classic and rustic fries are available from our salted-coated range.

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