Professional coated fries

Professional coated fries for restaurants,
hotels and the catering industry

Any food service business, from a high-end restaurant to a mobile catering company, can take advantage of our professional coated fries for top-quality chips that customers will appreciate. Among our numerous potato-based product lines – including croquettes, mashed potato and uncoated chips – our coated fries provide exceptional crunchiness on the outside combined with a smooth texture on the inside.

Professional coated fries from lutosa for caterers

Available from us directly or through many wholesalers and distributors in over 140 countries, our professional coated fries suit all catering business, both static and mobile. Not only do our professional coated fries add texture with each bite but our gluten-free coatings also help to ensure that fries remain warm after preparation, ideal for all sorts of catering businesses, including take-away and delivery establishments, of course. Find out more with Lutosa today.
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