Professional coated fries

Professional coated fries that are produced sustainably

The commitment to reducing the environmental impact of food manufacturing is a priority at Lutosa. When it comes to professional coated fries, this begins with good farming practices. All our partners produce potatoes for our professional coated fries with the proper accreditation which places sustainability at the heart of all operations. We also work hard to ensure that the amount of packaging used for the distribution of our products is reduced as much as possible without compromising on the quality of the packaging the fries contain.

Professional coated fries with a CSR commitment

Our professional coated fries use sunflower oil and some contain palm oil. Therefore, as a part of our wider CSR commitment, we only procure our palm oil from verifiably sustainable sources . Note that all of our professional coatings are gluten-free and the ingredients we use for them go through numerous quality control checks to ensure that they reach the consumer in perfect condition. We’re a company with a familial spirit and we believe this shows in all of our CSR commitments.
Coated fries takeaway - Professional coated fries

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