Delivery coated fries

Delivery coated fries for takeaway diners

In the bustling foodservice home delivery market, where speed and quality are paramount, our range of delivery coated fries stands out as the perfect solution. Specifically designed to retain their crunchiness and heat for extended periods, these fries ensure that customers receive a satisfying dining experience, even after a delay in delivery. Unlike uncoated chips, which may succumb to sogginess or deterioration during transit, our coated fries maintain their integrity and texture, preserving the essence of freshly prepared chips. Whether it’s a takeaway order or a dine-in experience at home, our delivery coated fries guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

What Are Delivery Coated Fries For?

With our extensive experience in producing potato-based products for the wholesale and catering industries, we understand the importance of delivering consistent quality and long holding times, especially in the fast-paced food delivery market. Our range of delivery coated fries is meticulously crafted to ensure optimal performance, with specific ratings indicating their ability to retain warmth and crispiness. Whether it’s our X-Tra Crispy or Crispy Salted ranges, these fries are designed to maintain their integrity and warmth, making them ideal for takeaway establishments, restaurants offering curbside pickup services, and the wholesalers who supply them.
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Did you know that?

All Lutosa coating - whether flavoured or not - are gluen-free, i.e. they do not contain wheat or derivatives of wheat. This makes them well-suited for people who suffer from celiac disease and for those who prefer to stick to a gluten-free diet.

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How Are Delivery Coated Fries Made?

The production of our delivery coated fries involves meticulous attention to detail and adherence to strict quality protocols at every step. Once the potatoes are cut to the desired dimensions, ranging from 5.5 mm skinny chips to 18 mm square thick-cut pub chips, we apply a special coating to each chip’s surface. This coating, made of starch, forms a protective layer that covers the entire chip. We then partially fry the chips to ensure the coating remains intact, offering the added benefit of quicker frying times in professional kitchens. After excess fat is removed, the coated fries are frozen and prepared for distribution through our network.

Why are delivery coated fries preferable in the take-out foodservice sector?

Our delivery coated fries offer two key advantages: exceptional taste and prolonged crunchiness. Through our production methods and carefully selected ingredients, we achieve superior taste qualities in our fries. Additionally, our coated fries retain their crispiness for an extended period, making them ideal for foodservice businesses that offer delivery services. Even with delays between preparation and delivery, customers can still enjoy crispy chips, thanks to the thermal insulation provided by the crispy outer layer. This ensures that the chips remain warm and flavorful with a light, fluffy texture, ultimately contributing to customer satisfaction.  

How long do delivery coated fries stay crispy?

Several factors contribute to the crispiness of potato chips, and our delivery coated fries excel in maintaining crispiness due to their unique characteristics. The starchy outer layer applied to our fries plays a significant role in preserving crispiness over time. Additionally, factors such as the quality of oil used, fryer temperature, and ambient temperature can impact chip crispiness post-frying. Our X-Tra Crispy and Crispy Salted ranges offer an extended window of opportunity for foodservice companies to deliver chips in optimal condition compared to standard fries. It’s essential to keep chips separated from moist foodstuffs during delivery, as moisture can affect their crispiness.
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Do you have to fry delivery coated fries and potato chips?

While our crispy delivery coated fries are primarily designed for preparation in professional fryers, some products in our frozen coated fries ranges are also suitable for oven cooking or preparation in an air fryer. Our two and three-way-cook ranges offer examples of coated fries with multiple cooking options. It’s important to note that the preparation method you choose for Lutosa coated potato chips minimally impacts the holding time, as long as you follow the product preparation guidance correctly.

Are there pre-salted delivery coated fries you can stock?

Our Crispy Salted range offers pre-salted coated chips with a long holding time, perfect for wholesalers catering to takeaway service providers and home delivery foodservice outlets. These chips are designed to be wrapped up and sent for delivery without any further processing required in the kitchen, providing convenience and consistency for busy foodservice operations.
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Why Choose Lutosa For Your Delivery Coated Fries Needs?

With our extensive knowledge and experience in potato-based foodstuffs for the hotel, restaurant, and catering industry, Lutosa has been producing high-quality delivery coated fries for many years. Our expertise allows us to continually improve recipes and production processes to meet the demands of the sector. Whether it’s high-end hand-cut chips for fine dining, chunky chips for fish and chips, or crinkle-cut chips for added texture, our products cater to UK consumers’ preferences. With distribution partners across Europe, including the UK, restocking is convenient. Most importantly, our chips maintain their crunchiness and flavor for longer, making them the ideal choice for takeaway orders.

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