Delivery coated fries

Delivery coated fries for home delivery

Lutosa’s delivery coated fries are the perfect choice for takeaway establishments or foodservice outlets offering kerbside pick-ups or home deliveries. Our crispy fries are specially designed to retain their warmth and crunchiness during transportation, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition for customers to enjoy. With our delivery coated fries, you can elevate the quality of your takeaway offerings and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Delivery coated fries for greater customer satisfaction

Indeed, the experience of eating delivery coated fries is often more enjoyable for diners. Our coated chips maintain their warmth and crunchiness for longer than uncoated fries, resulting in a more satisfying dining experience. Customers are likely to appreciate the superior quality and taste of our delivery coated fries, enhancing their overall satisfaction with their meal.

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