Coated fries without gluten

Coated fries without gluten for wholesalers and the catering sector

Lutosa offers coated fries without gluten, perfect for wholesalers and professional kitchens. These chips provide the desired crunch without the worry of gluten content. Discover our range tailored for catering businesses seeking gluten-free options that maintain quality and taste.

What are coated fries without gluten?

Coated fries without gluten are potato chips coated with starch but free from gluten, a protein commonly found in grains. Unlike traditional coated chips, which may contain gluten from wheat flour, our gluten-free coated fries use starch coatings devoid of gluten. This makes them suitable for diners with conditions like coeliac disease, ensuring a worry-free dining experience.
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Did you know that?

All Lutosa coating - whether flavoured or not - are gluen-free, i.e. they do not contain wheat or derivatives of wheat. This makes them well-suited for people who suffer from celiac disease and for those who prefer to stick to a gluten-free diet.


How do coated fries without gluten differ from other coated fries?

Coated fries without gluten are distinct from other coated fries because they are crafted with coatings free from any gluten-containing ingredients. Instead, we use flour, starches, and raising agents sourced from gluten-free alternatives, such as modified potato starch, rice starch, and tapioca starch. These combinations ensure the desired crispiness without the need for cereal starches that contain gluten.

What makes coated fries without gluten crispy?

The crispiness of coated fries without gluten depends on several factors, including the precise combination of tapioca, rice, and potato starches in the coating recipe. Additionally, the even distribution of these coating ingredients on each chip plays a crucial role in determining the final texture. At Lutosa, we meticulously apply coatings to ensure uniformity, resulting in perfectly crispy fries without unwanted soft patches or excessive crispiness. Our X-Tra Crispy and Crispy Salted ranges, both gluten-free, undergo stringent quality control measures to maintain consistency across all chips.

Which Lutosa coated fries without gluten options are there?

In our frozen fries collection, you’ll find a variety of coated fries without gluten from Lutosa, catering to both wholesale stockists and catering industry professionals. Options include skinny chips measuring just 5.5 mm wide, as well as chunky pub-style chips at 18 mm by 18 mm. Additionally, we offer medium-sized coated fries in crinkle-cut and hand-cut varieties, including Belgian-style chips, available with or without skin to suit different preferences.
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How Do You Prepare Our Coated Fries Without Gluten?

Our coated fries without gluten are pre-fried and defatted before freezing, ensuring they arrive in professional kitchens in optimal condition for further preparation. Simply remove the desired portion from the catering pack and add it to the fryer for a short time before serving. This pre-frying process helps reduce kitchen-to-plate times, ideal for busy catering operations. Additionally, some of our salted coated fries are also gluten-free and offer the flexibility of preparation in both ovens and fryers.

Why serve or stock coated fries without gluten?

Whether you’re a wholesaler serving the catering trade or managing your own foodservice business, offering or stocking our coated fries without gluten comes with distinct advantages. Firstly, they’re completely free from gluten, ensuring no concerns or complaints from gluten-intolerant customers. Additionally, our gluten-free coatings provide a satisfying crunch, enhancing the dining experience. The crispy exterior also helps trap heat, making these products ideal for various foodservice settings, including takeaways and home deliveries.
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Why are Lutosa’s coated fries without gluten pre-fried?

Lutosa’s decision to pre-fry our coated fries without gluten serves two key purposes. Firstly, it ensures that the gluten-free outer coating is securely adhered to each chip, preventing it from settling or falling away during storage. Secondly, pre-frying accelerates the preparation process, resulting in faster cooking times when the fries are thawed. This not only allows catering businesses to serve delicious chips more quickly but also reduces energy consumption associated with prolonged fryer use.

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