Coated fries without gluten

Coated fries without gluten for hotels, restaurants and pubs

Lutosa’s coated fries without gluten are perfect for a wide range of foodservice establishments, including hotels, restaurants, and pubs. Our selection includes classic coated cut fries, Belgian hand-cut fries, chunky pub-style chips, and skinny-style chips, all guaranteed to be free from gluten-containing ingredients. With our coated fries, you can cater to gluten-sensitive customers without compromising on taste or quality.

Our coated fries without gluten suit takeaway outlets, too

Lutosa’s coated fries without gluten are not only suitable for dine-in establishments like restaurants and pubs but also perfect for takeaway outlets. The added crispiness and heat retention properties of our chips ensure that they remain delicious and satisfying, even during delivery or when there’s a delay between preparation and consumption.
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