Frozen coated fries 

Chilled and frozen coated fries from Lutosa

Lutosa offers both chilled and frozen coated fries that are quick and convenient to prepare. While our frozen coated fries are ideal for long-term storage and quick frying, many of our products can also be stored in the fridge after defrosting. This allows for even faster preparation times when fried from their chilled state. Whether you choose chilled or frozen options, our coated fries ensure efficient service without compromising on taste or quality.

Sustainable palm oil and our frozen coated fries

At Lutosa, we prioritize sustainability in our production processes, especially concerning the use of palm oil in our frozen coated fries. We understand the importance of this issue to consumers and suppliers alike. That’s why we are committed to sourcing palm oil only from sustainable sources, ensuring that our products meet high ethical and environmental standards. Additionally, we are making the transition to exclusively using sunflower oil across all our product lines, further enhancing our commitment to sustainability. Contact us to learn more about our CSR commitments and our efforts to promote sustainable practices in the food industry.
34550 salted coated classic cut fries 9 9 3 8 - Salted Coated Classic Cut Fries 9/9 mm - 3/8"

Lutosa UK/Ireland

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