Frozen coated fries 

Frozen coated fries for all foodservice settings

Lutosa offers a diverse range of frozen coated fries to suit all foodservice settings. Whether you’re looking to offer your customers crinkle-cut or straight-cut chips, our range has you covered. We produce both salted and non-salted options, including our renowned pub-style extra-thick chips. Our frozen coated fries are perfect for a wide range of food establishments, from fine-dining restaurants to casual takeaway spots and pop-up eateries. No matter the setting, you can count on Lutosa to provide high-quality chips that will delight your customers.

Turn to Lutosa for top-quality frozen coated fries

When it comes to top-quality frozen coated fries, turn to Lutosa. Our fries are not only quick to prepare but also offer long holding times, ensuring they stay fresh and crispy. Our special coatings provide the perfect outer texture for each chip while also retaining warmth for extended periods. With Lutosa, you can trust that your customers will enjoy delicious fries every time.
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