Frozen fries extra crisp

Frozen fries extra crisp
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For foodservice establishments aiming for frozen fries with extra crispiness, the key lies in the outer layer of starch. Look for products featuring starch-rich coatings to achieve the desired crispiness before serving. Additionally, ensure that the coated fries undergo a partial frying process to maintain an even distribution of starch until they are ready for final cooking. This approach guarantees consistent crispiness and quality for your customers.

Lutosa's frozen fries with extra crisp

At Lutosa, we specialize in supplying frozen fries with extra crisp coatings to a wide range of foodservice businesses, including restaurants, hotels, pubs, and home delivery companies worldwide. Our products are trusted by wholesale distributors and direct customers in the catering trade, who can attest to the top-quality nature of our offerings. With our commitment to excellence, we ensure that every batch of frozen fries delivers exceptional crispiness and flavor to meet the high standards of our clients.
Crispysalted rustic fries on slate - Salted Coated Rustic Fries 14/14 mm

Lutosa UK/Ireland

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