Frozen fries extra crisp

Why diners prefer frozen fries extra crisp

The crispiness of chips sets them apart from other potato-based products, and our frozen fries with extra crisp coatings exemplify this characteristic. Take our X-Tra Crispy range from Lutosa, for instance, which delivers the perfect balance of crunchiness while maintaining the tender interior of each chip.

Gain texture with frozen fries with extra crisp

Frozen fries with extra crisp exteriors offer a more gratifying textural sensation for diners, enhancing their overall dining experience. Not only do these coatings often enhance the flavor, but they also help retain warmth for a longer period, ensuring customer satisfaction with their order. This factor should be a key consideration when making your next purchase of frozen chips.
Crispysalted rustic fries on slate - Salted Coated Rustic Fries 14/14 mm

Lutosa UK/Ireland

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