Gluten free coated fries

Coeliac disease and gluten-free coated fries

Our gluten-free coated fries offer a delightful solution for individuals with severe gluten intolerances and coeliac disease, ensuring they can enjoy crispy potato chips without sacrificing texture or flavor. Unlike many gluten-free options that may lack crunchiness, our gluten-free coated fries deliver a satisfying experience for all diners.

Vegan gluten-free coated fries

Our gluten-free coated fries are not only suitable for individuals with coeliac disease but also vegan-friendly, ensuring inclusivity for all customers. With their crispy outer layer, our fries offer a distinct texture that sets them apart and appeals to a wide range of preferences.
Caoted fries & fishchips hr - Professional coated fries

Lutosa UK/Ireland

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