From planting to harvesting,
a chain of expertise swings into action

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Early potatoes, harvested in July, and potatoes for storage, picked in October, constitute a living thing subject to the vagaries of nature and the weather.

Obeying the law of supply and demand, their purchase price can vary greatly from one season to the next, or even from one month to the next. This brings its tensions.

We therefore apply rigorous monitoring of planting, cultivation, harvesting and storage.

On site, we possess our own storage silos. Selecting the best and keeping it in the best possible condition, this is our great strength…


Storage of raw materials
  • Ensuring a maximum temperature of 8°C
  • A fully computerised humidity level that, if necessary, activates the opening of external shutters, the deployment of ventilators and/or the blowing of cold air via under-floor ventilation ducts.

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