Sowing the seeds of inspiration

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Our R&D department is a cross-disciplinary innovation committee.

Its goal is to gather ideas and to find the means of adapting to local cultures and to new trends in food, to improve current and future processes, to develop new products, but also to deal with the special requests of our customers.

At international trade fairs, on an annual basis we present new creations that regularly win special awards.

ITQI superior taste special awards lutosa potato products belgian fries belgium international fair new creations trends
  • ITQI 2019 (Intl)
    Frites Belges enrobées avec peau X-tra Crispy, 2 Golden stars
    Patate al Rosmarino Lutosa, 2 Golden stars
    Spicy Krisspy Fries Lutosa, 1 Golden star
  • ITQI 2018 (Intl)
    Lutosa X-TRA CRISPY Belgian fries, 2 Golden Stars
  • ITQI 2017 (Intl)
    Lutosa Mini Pom'Churros onions, 3 Golden Stars
    Lutosa Pom'Gourmet with Truffle flavour, 2 Golden Stars
  • ITQI 2016 (Intl)
    Lutosa Gourmet Mashed Potatoes, 3 Golden Stars
    Lutosa Belgian Croquettes, 3 Golden Stars
  • ITQI 2015 (Intl)
    Lutosa Mini Roast Potatoes with Rosemary, 2 Golden Stars
    Lutosa Rösti with Cheese, 1 Golden Star
  • ITQI 2014 (Intl)
    Lutosa Belgian french fries, 3 Golden Stars
    Lutosa Veggie Burger, 1 Golden Star
  • ITQI 2013 (Intl)
    Lutosa Truffle Mash, 2 Golden stars
  • Golden Gondola 2013 (Belgium)
    Nomination for Lutosa Croc'Apéro and Pom'Rosas
  • Prêmio Cozinha Profissional 2012 (Brazil)
    Lutosa french fries
  • ITQI 2012 (Intl)
    Lutosa Pom'Rosas, 1 Golden star
  • Horecatel 2008 Innovation Prize (Belgium)
    Lutosa Duchess Mash
  • Voted 2008 Catering Flavour of the Year (France)
    Lutosa Duchess Mash
  • Catering Product of the Year 2007 by the British Frozen Food Federation (UK)
    Lutosa Gratin Dauphinois
  • Nominated for Sial d'Or 2006 (Intl)
    Lutosa Bintje Mash
  • Golden Archer 2005 (Belgium)
    Lutosa Bintje Mash
  • Sial 2002 Tends and Innovations / RHD Official Selection (Intl)
    Lutosa Roast Potatoes
  • IFFPO Award 2001 (UK)
    Lutosa-Joël Robuchon Buttered Mash
  • Monoprix 2000 Top Prize for Innovation (France)
    Lutosa Tartiflette
Expertise and knowledge sharing…

From the land and those who farm it through to consumers, we have cultivated a field of talent: machinery manufacturers, maintenance staff, the workers and engineers in our factories, our research and development committee, our sales, logistics and marketing departments, our customer and distributors…

Our expertise is enriched through contact with sectoral networks like FIWAP and CWPPT, industrial federations (Fevia, Belgapom) and university research centres, particularly those of Ghent and Gembloux with which we run projects for the future (including Wagralim).

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