Lutosa flake production facility

The Lutosa potato flake production facility includes 9 rotary drying cylinders.  Our high-quality flakes are mainly used for industrial purposes (producing snacks, gnocchi, etc.) or as instant mashed potatoes for commercial and institutional catering.

Stages in the manufacturing process:

On completion of the cutting and cooking phases, the cut potatoes go through a mashing press. At this stage additives are incorporated to improve colour, stability and storage properties.

The resulting mash is distributed by a screw mechanism onto chrome drying cylinders with steam passing through them, where it is dehydrated and successively stretched to obtain a thin homogenous film of the required density. Impurities that are unable to adhere to the drum are removed by a continuous spiral screw system.

The film of dehydrated potato taken from the drying drum is shredded and flaked to obtain a finished product in the form of flakes.

It is then visually inspected by an optical camera in order to eliminate any final defects. An additional grinding phase is required to produce micro-flakes.

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Packaging of the flakes is fully automated. This enables packs to be produced in:

  • Aluminium Bags: 500 g, 1, 2, 4 & 5 kg in modified atmosphere (nitrogen)
    (BBD: 12 or 18 months)
    Possible to create complex recipes (milk powder, spices…)
  • Kraft Bags: 10, 15, 20 & 25 kg
    (BBD: 6 months)
  • Big bags: 750 kg for flakes, 900 & 1.100 kg for micro-flakes
    (BBD: 6 months)
  • Containers
    (BBD 6 months)

The flakes are stored on pallets at ambient temperature in a moisture-free environment.

During the manufacturing process, the flakes are subject to various checks:

  • Humidity check every hour
  • Microbiological monitoring every 8 hours
  • Colour monitoring of the various preparations every hour
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