Our commitment to sustainable development

Nothing goes to waste

It is an unavoidable fact that potato processing requires the use of large volumes of water. We possess a high-capacity purification plant on each of our sites.

Through a co-generation plant, we also recover the methane gas produced by our anaerobic plant so as to transform it into green energy (steam, heat and electricity) supplying 10% of the needs of our own facilities.

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Thanks to our recovery networks, nothing goes to waste: peelings are used for cattle feed; sedimentation sludge is used as fertiliser (Fertipom). Even the starch is recovered for the paper industry when potatoes are cut into french fries. Nothing is discarded; everything is reused and recycled.

Fevia sustainable development lutosa potato products belgian fries belgium reused recycled development charter

As a member of the RSPO (Round table of Sustainable Palm Oil) since 2011, Lutosa opted since July 2014 for a segregated palm oil, ie 100% of the purchased palm oil is certified and traced.


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Our environmental charter


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