Frozen crispy fries

Frozen crispy fries for the hotel and restaurant trade

Our frozen crispy fries are perfect for a wide range of establishments, from cozy independent cafes to bustling restaurant and pub chains. With their crispy coatings, our fries retain heat exceptionally well, making them ideal for busy kitchens where orders are constantly coming in. This extended holding time ensures that the fries stay warm and crispy, even during peak hours, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with every serving.

Frozen crispy fries for all foodservice outlets

Our frozen crispy fries are a delectable treat whether served with added salt or without. Whether you’re wrapping them in paper, plating them up, or sealing them in takeaway containers, our fries maintain their deliciousness thanks to their protective outer layer of crunchy starch. This ensures that they reach diners in perfect condition, ready to be enjoyed with every bite.

Coated fries & uc skin on beefsteak vertical hr - Professional coated fries

Lutosa UK/Ireland

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